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april designer spotlight - emily brewer-yarnall of été noir

getting to interact with various empowered women is one of my favorite things about owning the kind of business that i do. at the end of last year, i got an email from a designer making the most exquisite knits i’d ever seen, and my new love for knitwear was born. getting to know her has been a bonus.   we hope you guys take a bit from emily. she’s got great chill and perspective, and she’s passionate about the why behind her brand. she loves cheese, i love cheese, we all love cheese....cheese. also, her answer to numbers 7...

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one of the more important goals that i’ve set for myself and basic. for 2018 is education. it’s important for me to share this powerful knowledge that i’ve gained along the path of ethical fashion. i find that when given tools and information, people tend to pay closer attention. they are more intentional. they think before they do. so, there’s one thing i’ve been thinking about a lot and that we are definitely doing. i want you guys to learn about and from the designers that i’m fortunate enough to work with. they are approachable, passionate, talented, thoughtful, and they...

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post 9. december 5. 2017

i have finally started to identify as an adult. for a lot of years i’ve wondered, ‘is it possible for me to feel like a teenager for the rest of my life, just with more wrinkles and gray hair? because i think that’s happening?’ maybe it’s because i recently turned 30, or maybe it’s just because it’s time, but i’ve had this conscious realization a few times lately that i just. don’t. care. it kind of startled me at first. am i just apathetic? is my depression ramping back up? is this something i should be concerned about but i’m...

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post 8. september 8, 2017.

on the eve of my 23rd birthday, i accepted a job at the place where i would spend the next seven years of my life. now, on the almost-eve of my 30th birthday and the actual-eve of basic.'s 1st birthday, i'm gainfully fun-employed.this past year has been a whirlwind. i've summited some of the highest highs, and i've trudged through some of the lowest lows. we started a business, tom changed jobs twice, i left a career that i built for the better part of a decade, we got a puppy, we moved, and all the while, i started to...

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