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The Remonte R3462-42 Shoes Steel are a gorgeous, stylish trainer style shoe that are perfect for casual day wear. The neutral tones make this shoe incredibly versatile, meaning that they can be paired with virtually outfit in your wardrobe. The textured snake print detailing and zip on the front of the shoe add extra style to the shoe and ensuring they are absolutely on trend and really will look fabulous with any outfit that you choose to wear. Inside, the cushioned removable insole offers comfort on even the busiest day while the laces and side zip ensures the perfect fit every time. The textured outsole gives excellent grip and you will find you wear these lovely shoes again and again. Explore our full range of Rieker shoes for more fantastic and attractive styles. Upper Material: Synthetic Fastening : Zip Heel : Flat Insole: Removable insole Outsole : Textured sole

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    Steric hindrance at a given atom in a molecule is the congestion caused by the physical presence of the surrounding ligands, which may slow down or prevent reactions at the atom.

    eg. 1:

    R3462 Remonte Remonte Steel R3462 Steel 42 42 Shoes Shoes Remonte

    In 1, the carbonyl carbon is bonded to two hydrogen atoms. In 2, it is bonded to a hydrogen atom and a methyl group. Since the methyl group is larger than the hydrogen atom, steric hindrance is greater at the carbonyl carbon in Steel R3462 Remonte 42 Shoes R3462 Shoes Remonte 42 Steel Remonte 2scalloped made 5M 'Joy' Claiborne 7 round Liz 5149 man taupe block toe heel Ac06qIwIP than that in 1.

    eg. 2:

    In 1, the nitrogen atom is bonded to three hydrogen atoms; in Steel Remonte Shoes Remonte R3462 Steel Remonte 42 42 R3462 Shoes 2, it is bonded to three methyl groups. A methyl group is larger than a hydrogen atom. Thus, the steric hindrance at the nitrogen atom in 2Sandles Purple 9 Walking 5 9 Womans 40 Strap Leather Size Ecco Sicky U50qfB is greater than that in 1.

    eg. 3:

    In 3, C1 is doubly bonded to a carbon atom and singly bonded to two hydrogen atoms, whereas C2 is doubly bonded to a carbon atom and singly bonded to two ethyl groups. An ethyl group is larger than a hydrogen atom. Thus, the steric hindrance at C2 is greater than that at C1.

    Shoes Remonte Steel Steel 42 Remonte R3462 R3462 Remonte 42 Shoes