The Guiding Power
of Character
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The Cost Of Character

Are you worried about the decline of civility? So are 95 percent of Americans who believe it’s linked to an increase in violence, bullying and discrimination. Annually, U.S. companies lose $400 billion to internal fraud. It’s evident we need resources that encourage and develop character.

The Power Of Validation

It’s difficult to know when you’re on the right path to good character. But, receiving affirmation through validation and certification provides assurance that your character journey is moving in the right direction.

The Effect Of Character

Communities focused on character overcome challenges and achieve their goals more efficiently. When we band together and support each other’s successes, we create powerful and caring communities.

Top Floral Closed 3 Low Coolers UK Slippers Embroidered Plum Womens Our Solution

Providing Validation and Direction for Character Initiatives Since 1993


With ongoing direction and guidance, character can be cultivated. People of good character can positively impact our communities in a sustainable way.


We validate good character by bringing people together, sharing ideas and recognizing achievement.

Download the 11 Principles


Plum Slippers Embroidered Top UK Womens Low Coolers Floral 3 Closed Our focused framework includes:

  • Research-based evaluation
  • Feedback and accreditation opportunities
  • Resources and mentoring
  • Conferences, communities and networking

Explore Our Four Gateways Of Character


Schools can help students become good people, not just good test-takers. With over 20 years of experience, has a library of resources and tools to help educators create Schools of Character.


Some coaches drill their teams to win at any cost. But coaching teams with the character-first principles of hard work and fair play creates teams that win beyond the scoreboard.


A customer’s perception of a company affects its bottom line, and employee engagement is tightly linked with positive workplace cultures. An executive focus on character leads to financial returns and happy, effective employees.


Character begins at home but is difficult to nurture in the busyness of life. Families with a framework for building character know how to help their kids understand their emotions and the world around them.

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“Character is power.”
Booker T. Washington

Upcoming Events

Silver Anniversary Gala and Character Awards

October 4, 2018, Washington, DC

On the eve of the 25th National Forum, we will commemorate 25 years of character
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leadership and advocacy. At the gala we will present the Inagural Character Awards
to 11 people and organizations that have made significant contributions in the realms of
education, business and sports.

Event Information & Registration

2018 National Forum on Character Education

October 5-6, Washington, DC

Early Bird Deadline: June 15!

The National Forum offers informative sessions, awesome tours and inspiring keynotes. It’s the perfect opportunity to network and share best practices around character in schools, sports, families and workplaces.

Event Information & Registration

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